“The Pantheon of Heroes of Melilla”: A 3D Exploration with LIDAR, Photogrammetry




Panteón de Heroes Melilla

In an era where technology and history intersect, Opossum proudly presents a groundbreaking 3D exploration of Melilla’s Pantheon of Heroes. Utilizing LIDAR technology, terrestrial photogrammetry, Unreal Engine 5, and drones, we have crafted a digital tribute to this monumental landmark. Completed in 2022, this project offers an immersive experience, melding innovative techniques with Melilla’s rich heritage.

Harnessing Unreal Engine 5 in Melilla’s Historical Landmark

Selecting Unreal Engine 5 as the backbone of this project allowed us to leverage its state-of-the-art features like real-time lighting and NANITE technology. These technological marvels bring Melilla’s Pantheon of Heroes to life, offering a virtual experience that rivals the tangibility of the real world.

Innovative Data Capture: LIDAR and Photogrammetry

Our commitment to authenticity led us to employ cutting-edge data capture techniques, including LIDAR scanning with Leica technology and terrestrial photogrammetry. Combined with drone technology, these methods provide unparalleled detail, aligning seamlessly with the impressive capabilities of Unreal Engine 5. The use of LIDAR and photogrammetry creates a virtual Pantheon that stands as a true representation of Melilla’s historical gem.

Melilla’s Pantheon of Heroes: A Tribute to Valor

The Pantheon of Heroes stands as a beacon of Melilla’s history, particularly connected to the region of Anual. It pays homage to those who fought valiantly for their country. This project transcends mere visual representation by including insights from esteemed local historians José Ortin and Isabel Migallón. Their expertise adds depth to the virtual experience, connecting viewers to the stories and significance of the heroes commemorated.

Immerse Yourself in Melilla’s Legacy

We invite you to explore this unparalleled 3D recreation of Melilla’s Pantheon of Heroes. Feel the texture, experience lifelike lighting, and engage with the past through exclusive interviews. This project is more than technology and history; it’s a tribute to Melilla, a testament to the power of LIDAR and photogrammetry, and a glimpse into the future of 3D technology with Unreal Engine 5.

Visit our projects page to delve into this virtual world that redefines our connection with Melilla’s unique heritage. Let the Pantheon of Heroes resonate with you through cutting-edge technology and passionate storytelling.

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