La Cortadura: A 3D Masterpiece of Realism



From Opossum, we are thrilled to present our latest project: “La Cortadura,” a 3D recreation that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in virtual environment simulation. This project, undertaken in 2022 as a personal initiative, utilizes the most advanced technologies available to take virtual reality to an entirely new level.

Utilizing Unreal Engine 5

Choosing Unreal Engine 5 as the video game engine for this project was no coincidence. With its ability to provide real-time lighting and its cutting-edge NANITE technology, we’ve created an unparalleled visual experience. The attention to detail and graphic quality achieved stand as a landmark in 3D simulation.

Pioneering Data Capture

The realism of “La Cortadura” would not have been possible without our meticulous data capture. Through terrestrial photogrammetry and LiDAR scanning using Leica technology, we managed to collect precise and detailed data of the environment we wanted to recreate.

These data capture methods, usually reserved for scientific and topographical applications, have allowed for virtual reproduction with unprecedented accuracy.

A Glimpse into the Future

“La Cortadura” is more than a personal project; it is a vision of the future of 3D technology and virtual reality. The fusion of cutting-edge techniques with the passion and skill of our team at Opossum has resulted in a work that sets a new standard in the industry.

We invite everyone to explore this astonishing virtual world, to feel life in every texture, and to lose oneself in the lighting and shadows that have only been made possible through applied technical innovations.

“La Cortadura” is not just a project; it is a testament to what is possible when technology, art, and dedication meet. Discover more about this exciting 3D world by visiting our projects page and immerse yourself in an experience that redefines virtual reality.

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