Opossum Studios

we do things in vr


We develop full VR "things?"


Laser & photo, We uses the most advanced ( besides alien ) techs for our costumers.

Cultural Heritage

Vr + Photogrammetry is what we do 😀 No more no less.

We dont sell smoke ;D, sorry for be direct.

our friends

About us

We are a company working for VR and culture

Our mission

Photogrammetry, found in Virtual Reality a new way of telling stories. We are a faithful defender of
the mixture between Virtual Reality and art to create new ways of spreading our heritage and
therefore our culture

Our offer

  • Advisor about VR capabilities
  • Proper VR for shows

We! ARE! mons! s****mons!

Ceo & Founder
He only know how to do rocks on VR

Gabriel R. Gonzálvez

Engenieer & Tech advisor

Roberto Medina Bujalance

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